Eddie Tree Service Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Don't wait! Postponing tree removal will only make it more expensive. If the tree is alive and encroaching, it will only grow larger. If the tree is dead, as it decomposes it loses structural integrity making it more and more hazardous to remove. 

The Tree Removal Process

  1. The site is assessed for the safest and fastest way for the tree to be processed.

  2. In some cases the tree is felled outright, in most cases it will have to be pieced down using ropes and pulleys.

  3. The tree is then processed per the customer's wishes, usually chipping the brush and smaller branches to be turned into mulch then bucking and stacking the firewood. We also have the capability to mill the logs into slabs/lumber on site. Finally we will thoroughly clean the jobsite so that one scarcely knows a tree was even there, but for the stump and firewood, if so desired. A job usually is completed within a day, sometimes two if the tree is extra large.

  4. We will clean roof gutters near the tree in question for free, if they contain debris from the tree.

  5. If the firewood is to be removed, it will be picked up within one week from the day of completion.