Our Company

Eddie's Tree Service, operating since 2011, is successful due to a simple philosophy: Do the best job for the lowest price and always leave job sites immaculate. We also take pride in our customer service being be best, most prompt, friendly, and flexible. We are small and relationships are important to us. 

Eddie's Tree Service works with minimal overhead leaving a wide margin between our business expenses and a large company's pricing. With this minimal overhead we aim to price jobs at only two thirds what a large company would, which makes customers happy while still yielding a healthy profit, which makes us happy. We believe in win-win relationships.

Eddie's Tree Service accomplishes most jobs without heavy machinery, only chainsaws, ropes, and pulleys which makes harder work but keeps customers happy with minimal overhead costs and no tire damage to lawns and flowerbeds. As a result, we don't take every job offered but can guarantee prices under industry average for the ones we do.

Additionally, many large companies have become lazy, advertising climbing but having no persons on staff who do it on a regular basis. When presented with a limited access job where real equipment is effectively useless and climbing completely necessary, they will charge a ridiculous sum of money to get a climber into the tree. For us, on the other hand, climbing is our ordinary mode of operation and back yard limited access jobs are our favorite niche. 

Eddie's Tree Service is run by Arlington born Edward Wisdom who holds certifications with the United States Forest Service as a professional sawyer. He worked with the United States Forest Service in Wyoming and Colorado on a fire crew restoring tornado damaged areas and keeping tree populations healthy in the Black Hills National Forest and Canyon City region of Colorado. He adapted his knowledge of rural tree work to a suburban environment while working with Marquis Tree based in Billerica, MA and the Tree and Land Trust owned and run by arborist Brian Murray of Arlington, MA. 

Eddie has served hundreds of happy customers and continues to work full time with his team of groundsmen in the greater Boston area. With over 7 years of experience in tree service his expertise with trees only continues to expand. Anyone that’s hired Eddie knows first hand his level of professionalism, care, and service is the best there is. We look forward to hearing from you.